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Summer TUTTI residents will take classes, participate in workshops and create performances in Denison’s Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts.

The Eisner Center, located on Denison’s Arts Quad, is designed to sustain and inspire collaboration across Denison’s dance, music and theatre programs. Spaces and rooms are beautifully designed specifically for the arts, and include a 400-seat proscenium theater, large rehearsal spaces, individual practice rooms, a large dance studio, and much, much more.

The Eisner’s modern design also features myriad common areas with comfy seating for socializing, wide hallways offer room for impromptu collaborations and small nooks for quiet moments. The Arts Quad is surrounded by historic buildings and shaded by statuesque oaks. The grounds are punctuated by a profusion of flowers and scattered Adirondack chairs. And open spaces are invitations for spur-of-the-moment performances.

Visit the Music, Dance, Theatre, or Musical Theatre page for facilities information specific to your area of interest.

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