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Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey
Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey

Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey

  • Favorite food: Popcorn
  • Favorite movie: A tie! Mary Poppins (I am kind, but extremely firm.) and The Family Stone
  • Favorite HS experience: traveling as a National Speaker for Youth to Youth and going to the
    White House in 1988
  • Favorite performing arts memory: collaborating on an award winning adaptation of Pride and
    Prejudice in which I portrayed 7 characters

Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey is a long time artist educator and lifelong learner who infuses her acting and teaching of music, movement and drama with positive psychology and wellbeing science. Michelle holds a BA in Theatre from The Ohio State University, a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and extensive training from the Institute of Positive Education

Position: Theatre Director
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